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For the health of it

For the health of it

At Sonid Company Ltd. we visualise science as essence of life therefore we strive with passion to explore every aspect of life sciences.


    The SONID COMPANY LTD. (Pharmaceutical Company), a Limited Liability company is a well-known name in Pharmaceutical trading in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian market. It was established in 2004 and running successfully in the republic of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian market. The SONID COMPANY LTD. has emerged to become the premier pharmaceutical group in Central Asia by virtue of its excellent distribution network, especially in Kyrgyz Market. The company is promoting and distributing the pharmaceutical products of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies of India, C.I.S countries and the European Union countries. Within a short period of time SONID COMPANY LTD has established a reputation of offering quality products of Indian and Multinational companies to the healthcare fraternity, which has been it's backbone till today.

    We offer the registration services for the pharmaceutical products in all over the C.I.S countries. We wish  to stress that we  have the necessary exposure, experience and ability and the infrastructure to promote and distribute the pharmaceutical products of different pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. Every company we deal with gets the total dedication of the whole team. It is made sure that a NEW FIRM is formed for every new pharmaceutical company that appoints us so that full attention is paid to the implementation of policies, systems, guidelines and the working culture of that particular Company.
After all, we got where we are through sheer determination and hard work of our whole team who are totally dedicated and efficient in their work.

    We have the ability & network to launch and promote any pharmaceutical product new to the market within a shortest period of time in an ethical way of marketing.

    Through our professional Doctors & Healthcare professionals we will update the new molecules required by them and will inform time to time.


    • The ABC of Success…Actions, Business and Commitment
      Our Business Philosophy revolves around three words – Consistency, Commitment and Quality. At SONID COMPANY LTD. we believe that maintaining standards are tougher than reaching the top and hence we continuously disparage complacency and actuate towards higher goals; improving ourselves at every step.
    • Pillars of SONID COMPANY LTD.… Quality products, Efficient Administration and Talented Team
      SONID COMPANY LTD. is your one-stop solution for all types of pharma products be it tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, herbal products or ointments. Our all-inclusive range of products, efficient managerial departments and constant attempts to incorporate the best and most talented staff in our institution concretizes our dream to be the biggest name in the industry offering the best quality services to you at an affordable price.
    • SONID COMPANY LTD. and You: A Bond Forever
      Through its business activities, SONID COMPANY LTD. creates long-term value and benefits for customers, patients and business partners as well as for its staff. We would be happy to entertain any doubts you might have, welcome your suggestions or answer your queries. We request you to spare your valuable time to fill our feedback form.